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About Baltic Sea Glass

Glass artists and designers, Maibritt Jönsson and Pete Hunner, have managed to move their joint cooperations to new heights in their artistic work. Their unique co-operation and passion for immense  technical and asthetique opportunities with glass, that has led to high recogniition, with unique works of art that has  gained attention throughout the world.

Curiosity, and enthusiasm have led the two artists  to the level where were they are today: The desire to  press boundaries; and to uncover the secrets of glass that create the unique opportunities.


Jönsson & Hunner hold a prominent position i the Danish and international glass world, and they are represented in museums and collections throughout the world. 



Collaboration & inspirationen

Inspiration for our work comes mainly from the Nature on Bornholm. The creative process is a “Ping-Pong” between us and the hot molten glass. Our interpretation is based on common ground, through curious interactions, ending in a joint collaboration. That is where our hearts are.